Should I edit UnderStrap or create a child theme?

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future1337proof asked 1 year ago

I want to create a custom theme for my website from scratch using UnderStrap, is it better to edit the UnderStrap folder or add the child theme and edit that instead?

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Alex from UnderStrap Staff answered 1 year ago

You can easily just edit the UnderStrap theme in the folder itself but you miss out on the ability to update it in the future when a new release comes out.

The 5 minutes it takes to download the UnderStrap Child theme (download link here), upload it and then activate it is definitely worth it.

You then overwrite the parents files with your own that you want to change (check out our guide on child themes here) and the UnderStrap parent exists on its own. Then when you update UnderStrap and it overwrites the changed files your child file’s are still intact.